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Metallic Materials Vol. 56 (2018), no. 4, pp.223-229

Title: The synthesis of super-hydrophilic and hard MgB2 coatings as an alternative to electroless nickel coatings
Author: F. Bülbül, M. Güney, S. Jafarpour

Abstract: In this study, we report the electroless deposition using an alternative technique for the fabrication of hard and super-hydrophilic MgB2 films. MgB2 films on AZ91 magnesium alloys were prepared using an electroless bath containing magnesium diboride nanopowders, sodium hypophosphite, sodium succinate, sodium acetate, and dimethyl sulfoxide. The electroless deposition was carried out in a bath kept at a bath temperature of 95ºC for 60 min. After deposition, the coated samples were annealed at 300ºC for 60 min to investigate crystallization, morphology, and the changes in the hardness and wettability. The phase composition, morphology, the hardness, and the contact angle of produced coatings were studied by X-ray diffractometer, scanning electron microscopy, microhardness tester, and contact angle measurement system, respectively. The coatings exhibited a dense and nodular structure with strong grain connections. As-deposited and annealed MgB2 films showed an orientation with the (101) reflection, and the highest hardness value (500 HV0.01) was obtained from the annealed coating. Both synthesized coatings had a super-hydrophilic surface.

Keywords: MgB2, electroless, superhydrophilic, magnesium
Published online: 08-Oct-2018
Year: 2018, Volume: 56, Issue: 4 Page From: 223, Page To: 229

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