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Kovove Materialy-Metallic Materials Vol. 57 (2019), no. 2, pp.121–129

Title: Cr cluster characterization in Cu-Cr-Zr alloy after ECAP processing and aging using SANS and HAADF-STEM
Author: K. Abib, H. Azzeddine, B. Alili, L. Litynska-Dobrzynska, A. L. Helbert, T. Baudin, P. Jegou, M. H. Mathon, P. Zieba, D. Bradai

Abstract: The precipitation of nano-sized Cr clusters was investigated in a commercial Cu-1Cr-0.1Zr (wt.%) alloy processed by equal-channel angular pressing and subsequent aging at 550 °C for 4 h using Small-Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS) measurements and High-Angle Annular Dark-Field-Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (HAADF-STEM). The size and volume fraction of the nano-sized Cr clusters were estimated using both techniques. The parameter values assessed by SANS (d ∼ 3.2 nm, Fv ~ 1.1 %) agreed reasonably with those by HAADF-STEM (d ∼ 2.5 nm, Fv ∼ 2.3 %). In addition to the nano-sized Cr clusters, HAADF-STEM indicated the presence of rare cuboid and spheroid sub-micronic Cr particles measuring approximately 380–620 nm in mean size. Both techniques did not evidence the presence of intermetallic CuxZrz phases within the aging conditions.

Keywords: Cr-cluster, precipitation, ECAP, Cu-Cr-Zr alloy, SANS, HAADF-STEM
Published online: 21-Mar-2019
Year: 2019, Volume: 57, Issue: 2 Page From: 121, Page To: 129

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