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Kovove Materialy-Metallic Materials Vol. 57 (2019), no. 3, pp.207–217

Title: Microstructure and mechanical behaviour of friction stir processed AZ91-D magnesium alloy – optimization of process parameters by using the Taguchi method
Author: P. Kumar, L. Thakur, N. Bhadouria, S. Dixit

Abstract: In the present research, friction stir processing (FSP) of as-cast AZ91-D Mg-alloy has
been done to improve its ultimate tensile strength (UTS). Taguchi’s L-9 orthogonal array was
used to optimize the process parameters for improving the UTS of AZ91-D parent material
(PM). The optimum levels of process parameters were found to be 1000 rpm, 50 mm min−1
and 6 passes for the rotational tool speed, transverse speed and a number of passes of FSP,
respectively. As per ANOVA results, the number of passes has the highest statistical effect of
about 41.3 % on UTS.
Additionally, the micro-hardness tests were conducted to confirm the process optimization.
The FSPed material with optimized parameters showed an enhancement of 24.56 and 77.5 %
in UTS and micro-hardness as compared to PM respectively. The grain size of FSPed material
was observed to be 6.88 times lesser than PM. Microstructure evaluation of optimized FSPed
material also confirmed the uniform dispersion of β-phase (Mg17Al12) resulting in improved

Keywords: magnesium, friction stir processing, Taguchi, tensile strength, micro-hardness, dynamic recrystallization
Published online: 21-May-2019
Year: 2019, Volume: 57, Issue: 3 Page From: 207, Page To: 217

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