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Kovove Materialy-Metallic Materials Vol. 57 (2019), no. 4, pp.219–227

Title: Microstructure evolution of fibre laser welded TRIP and HSLA steel sheets with different thicknesses
Author: P. Svec, A. Schrek, M. Dománková

Abstract: The microstructure of fibre laser welded joint of TRIP 690T and HSLA LAD340 steel
sheets with different thicknesses was evaluated. The microstructure in the fusion zone was
built of martensite, lower bainite and a small portion of upper bainite. Martensite and lower
bainite created in both the coarse-grained and fine-grained heat affected zones (HAZs) near
690T steel, but some portion of ferrite was also identified in the fine-grained HAZ near 690T
steel. Acicular ferrite, upper bainite, and equiaxed ferrite were observed in both the coarsegrained
and fine-grained HAZs near LAD340 steel, but lower bainite was occasionally found
in the coarse-grained HAZ near LAD340 steel. Creation of hard microconstituents caused an
increase in microhardness values in the fusion zone and both HAZs compared to the base
metals. The highest microhardness of 457 HV0.1 was measured in the coarse-grained HAZ
near 690T steel with martensitic and lower bainitic microstructure.

Keywords: TRIP steel, HSLA steel, fibre laser welding, microstructure
Published online: 25-Jun-2019
Year: 2019, Volume: 57, Issue: 4 Page From: 219, Page To: 227

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