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Slovenská hudba, Vol. 43, No 3, p.274-295

Title: Eminentná učiteľka hudobného umenia – výskum životného príbehu
Author: Ľubomíra Záhradníková

Abstract: The topic of this research revolves around music education at an elementary level art school and specifically focuses on the world of one music instructor. The aim of this research was to shed light on the causes and the background of extraordinary musical instruction results achieved by an elementary level art school violin instructor within the context of her life story. Students of the participant (music teacher with more than fifty years of instruction experience) regularly, and in high numbers, achieve top places at national and international music-performing competitions and become successful conservatory students. Therefore, we decided to ask this excellent music teacher to participate in our research in order to gain insight into her instructional as well as her personal world. We opted for qualitative research methodology of a biographic design, specifically using the method of life story. Data obtained from a narrative interview were subsequently transcribed. Data analysis (open coding → axial coding → selective coding) produced individual categories framed by three substantial story lines, consequently revealing key causes of the teacher's music instruction results. The first categorial line, Life theme – music (containing six categories) chronologically captures the participant's story, starting from her initial decision, "If art school, then violin" and traces the intervention of personal factors in overcoming obstacles (including a necessary career change – musical art instructor instead of already achieved and enthusiastically followed career of an orchestra player). The second categorial line, Context of music education (five categories) focuses on the participant's systematic professional development – evolution toward sophisticated instruction. The third categorial line, Social interactions (three categories) maps the overlap between participant's intrapersonal and interpersonal worlds (success versus cost). The participant's extraordinary musical education successes were not a result of favorable external circumstances but a result of her internal motivation and strength, where – as revealed by narrative analysis – the synergy between natural musical talent and steadfastness represented the main motivating energies and was complemented by the intervention of personal traits – dedication and pragmatism. In our view, this research represents a contribution not only as motivation but also in terms of further knowledge about the background conditions that foster successes and instructional achievements of an art school music teacher, also offering an understanding of a teacher as a human being.

Year: 2017, Volume: 43, Issue: Page From: 274, Page To: 295

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