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Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.11, p.819–826, 2019

Title: IL-6 mediated JAK/STAT3 signaling pathway in cancer patients with cachexia
Author: G. Guney Eskiler, E. Bezdegumeli, Z. Ozman, A. Deveci Ozkan, C. Bilir, B. N. Kucukakca, M. N. Ince, A. Y. Men, O. Aktas, Y. E. Horoz, D. Akpinar, I. Genc, S. Kaleli

Abstract: OBJECTIVES: We investigated the changes in the IL-6 and STAT3 expression levels in cachectic and non-cachectic patients with gastric, lung and breast cancer and evaluated the association between IL-6 and STAT3 levels and cancer types in terms of cachexia condition.
BACKGROUND: Cancer-associated cachexia, observed in nearly 50‒80 % of cancer patients, has drawn attention in advanced patients. IL-6/JAK/STAT pathway plays an essential role in the progression of cancer cachexia through the regulation of the inflammatory response.
METHODS: This study consisted of 48 gastric, breast and lung cancer patients (18 cachectic and 30 non-cachectic) and healthy individuals. Total RNA isolation and cDNA synthesis was performed after the collection of blood samples. IL-6 and STAT3 expression levels were analyzed by RT- PCR analysis.
RESULTS: Our findings demonstrated that IL-6 mRNA levels considerably increased 19.89±8.25, 5.18±2.81 and 15.33±9.54-fold in gastric, lung and breast cancer patients with cachexia, respectively. Additionally, a 16.67±7.13, 14.21±11.72 and 8.85±3.89-fold increase in the STAT3 expression level was detected in cachectic gastric, lung and breast cancer patients, respectively (p<0.01).
CONCLUSION: STAT3 may be considered as a therapeutic target for cachectic patients with gastric, lung and breast cancer. Furthermore, IL-6 mediates STAT3 activation in cachectic gastric and breast cancer patients (Tab. 5, Fig. 2, Ref. 62).

Keywords: cachexia, IL-6, STAT3, gastric cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer
Published online: 20-Nov-2019
Year: 2019, Volume: 66, Issue: 11 Page From: 819, Page To: 826

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