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Acta Virologica Vol.64, No.1, p.10-19, 2020

Title: Andrias davidianus ranavirus 1R encoding a delayed-early protein promotes cell proliferation by driving cell cycle progression into S phase
Author: N. T. YU, F. KE, Q. Y. ZHANG

Abstract: Andrias davidianus ranavirus 1R (ADRV-1R), a core gene of the family Iridoviridae, is predicted to encode a viral transcription factor (vTF) since the protein contains a virus late transcription factor-3 like (VLTF3 like) domain. However, its characteristics and function are still unclear. In this study, the transcription and expression of ADRV-1R were investigated in Chinese giant salamander thymus cells (GSTCs). ADRV-1R transcription starts 6 hours post-infection (hpi), while the protein expression starts 8 hpi. Drug inhibition assay showed that the transcripts are inhibited by cycloheximide (CHX), a de novo protein synthesis inhibitor, indicating that ADRV-1R is a viral delayed-early (DE) gene. Subcellular localization showed that ADRV-1R is distributed in the cell nucleus and cytoplasm. The effect of ADRV-1R overexpression on cell proliferation and virus titer was analyzed. ADRV-1R overexpression significantly promoted the cell proliferation starting at day 2. Flow cytometry analysis further indicated that the protein promotes the GSTC cell cycle progression from G1 phase into S phase (G1/S transition). Moreover, ADRV-1R overexperession significantly increased ADRV titer in GSTCs. The virus titer was 6.3–6.9-fold higher at 36 hpi and further after than the control GSTC lines. These data showed that ADRV-1R is a delayed-early protein promoting cell proliferation and virus titers.

Keywords: ranavirus; Andrias davidianus ranavirus; core gene; cell cycle; cell proliferations
Published online: 11-Mar-2020
Year: 2020, Volume: 64, Issue: 1 Page From: 10, Page To: 19

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