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Acta Virologica Vol.64, No.3, p.271-275, 2020

Title: Obstacles and limitations of transfer factor biological activity assay design
Author: V. Kempová, M. Zaťovičová, I. Kajanová, L. Jelenská Lenka, L. Klimko, J. Kopáček, V. ZelnÍk

Abstract: Transfer factor (TF) is a heterogeneous mix of low-molecular weight molecules obtained from dialyzed leukocyte extract that is capable of transferring cell-mediated immunity. As an immunostimulatory drug TF is used to improve treatment of infectious diseases, allergies, cancer and immune deficiencies. The main benefit of TF preparations as immunotherapeutic agents is the induction of a rapid immune response and the potential of TF as an adjuvant in combination with other drugs might lead to development of novel approaches to combat various diseases in the future. The process of TF preparation is rather simple. However, with respect to fact that TF is composed by several multifunction molecules, it is likely that during the activity measurement based only on one single parameter, other TF biological activities might be overlooked. In addition, separated TF components might display synergetic activity effect. According to recent European Pharmacopoeia there is no general protocol for immuno-stimulatory drugs (including TF) activity measurement available. Nevertheless, for the process of TF preparation, control of input material and for final pharmaceutical product batches it is inevitable to guaranty proper quality control including appropriate in vivo or in vitro test(s) for TF biological activity assay. The animal-origin materials and in vivo assays convey a considerable logistic, ethic and economic problem, meanwhile the available in vitro assays have been reported with limited reproducibility and sometimes contradictory results. The currently used method for testing biological activity of TF is the in vitro MTT cells proliferation assay that is recognized by control authorities in Slovak Republic.

Keywords: immune system; transfer factor; dialysable leukocyte extract; diseases; MTT cells proliferation assay
Published online: 10-Aug-2020
Year: 2020, Volume: 64, Issue: 3 Page From: 271, Page To: 275

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