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Acta Virologica Vol.65, No.1, p.42-48, 2021

Title: Two novel closteroviruses, fig virus A and fig virus B, identified by the analysis of the high-throughput RNA-sequencing data of fig (Ficus carica) latex
Author: Dongbin Park, Chul Jun Goh, Yoonsoo Hahn

Abstract: Closteroviruses (the genus Closterovirus, the family Closteroviridae) are RNA viruses that infect and cause viral diseases in many economically important plants. Genome sequences of two novel closteroviruses named fig virus A (FiVA) and fig virus B (FiVB) were identified in high-throughput sequencing data obtained from a fig latex sample. FiVA and FiVB genomes, whose lengths are 19,333 bp and 18,741 bp, respectively, were predicted to have 14 shared open reading frames, nine of which had homologs in other closteroviruses. Phylogenetic analysis confirmed that FiVA and FiVB are novel closteroviruses forming a strong subclade with fig mild mottle-associated virus within the genus Closterovirus. FiVA and FiVB genome sequences identified in this study are useful resources for investigating the evolution of closterovirus genome organization.

Keywords: fig virus A; fig virus B; Closterovirus; common fig; Ficus carica
Published online: 01-Nov-2020
Year: 2021, Volume: 65, Issue: 1 Page From: 42, Page To: 48

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