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Acta Virologica Vol.65, No.2, p.173-180, 2021

Title: Specific synonymous mutations tightly correlate with HIV-1 co-receptor usage and differentially affect the secondary structure of HIV-1 Env RNA
Author: Salvatore Dimonte, Lavinia Fabeni, Michele Pellegrino, Stefano Aquaro

Abstract: Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a pathogen that infects blood cells, using CD4 molecule and two cell receptors CCR5 and CXCR4. The other major actor is gp120/gp41 viral protein complex, which interacts with receptors. Here, the presence of synonymous mutations associated with HIV-1 tropism and the related RNA secondary-structure in HIV-1 infected patients was evaluated. The analysis includes gp120-sequences from 340 HIV-1 subtype-B infected patients, all retrieved from Los Alamos database and with phenotypic HIV tropism determination based on recombinant-virus entry-assay. Frequencies of all nucleotide substitutions were calculated. Mfold and RNAfold algorithms were used to predict RNA secondary-structure of HIV-1. Nineteen codons in V2/C2, V3 and C3 domains were found to be closely related to CCR5 and CXCR4. Additionally, in X4-sequences, gp120 gca303gcu and gua222guc synonymous mutations are positively related to the gp120 S11R and T8A/I codons in V3 protein domain. Furthermore, gua222guc increases stability of the viral RNA secondary-structure. Probably, it would not be surprising if a novel escape viral strategy therapy will be related to the gp120 synonymous mutations. Moreover, in relation to the pivotal role played by gp120 in polyvalent vaccine approaches, the impact of gp120 synonymous mutations may play an important role in HIV entry into the cell.

Keywords: gp120; tropism; v3; s11r; evolution; vaccine
Published online: 08-Jun-2021
Year: 2021, Volume: 65, Issue: 2 Page From: 173, Page To: 180
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