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Title: The level of dysbiosis of the oral cavity depends on the type of dental prosthesis of the patient
Author: Tetiana PEREPELOVA, Mariia FAUSTOVA, Valentyn DVORNYK, Oleksandr DOBROVOLSKYI, Yurii KOVAL, Galina LOBAN

Abstract: The work was aimed to determine the level of oral dysbiosis of patients depending on the type of prosthetics constructures.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study involved 48 patients with the presence in the oral cavity of fixed dentures from 4 to 6 units with a service life of no more than 3 years. The samples of plaque from the vestibular surface of dentures were collected to determine the microorganisms in the gingival plaque. Bacteriological research was carried out by the multiplex polymerase chain reaction in real time using the Phemoflor 8 reagent kit. The degree of dysbiosis of the oral cavity was determined according to the classification of V. Khazanova.
RESULTS: The results of the study of patients’ samples did not reveal significant changes in the microbial landscape of the cervical areas. The total bacterial mass in the group of healthy individuals was lower than the total bacterial mass of patients in the investigated group significantly. IV degree of oral dysbiosis with a decrease in the number of lactobacilli, streptococci was characteristic of patients of denture wearers. The II degree of dysbiosis in patients with metal-ceramic structures was established. Patients who used solid cast and metal-plastic structures were diagnosed with II-III degree of dysbiosis of the oral cavity. The worst indicators were characteristic of prosthesis wearers of stamped-brazed structures.
CONCLUSIONS: Quantitative indicators of the composition of the microbiota of the cervical areas of denture wearers have significant differences and different levels of dysbiosis of the oral cavity, depending on the type of dentures in the patients’ mouth (Tab. 2, Fig. 1, Ref. 21). Text in PDF

Published online: 16-May-2023
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