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Kinesin family member 23 (KIF23) contributes to the progression of bladder cancer cells in vitro and in vivo
Authors: Dong-wei Yao, Qun Song, Xiao-zhou He
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.2, p.298–306, 2021
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Curcumin combined with low-intensity ultrasound suppresses the growth of glioma cells via inhibition of the AKT pathway
Authors: Guohong Shi, Zhen Zhang, Yi Fang, Donglin Bian, Zhiqun Bai
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.2, p.290–297, 2021
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Comparison of claudin-3 and claudin-4 expression in bilateral and unilateral breast cancer
Authors: Jolanta Szade, Michał Kunc, Beata Pieczyńska-Uziębło, Maciej Świerblewski, Wojciech Biernat, Jacek Jassem, Elżbieta Senkus
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.2, p.283–289, 2021
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LncRNA MEG8 plays an oncogenic role in hepatocellular carcinoma progression through miR-367-3p/14-3-3ζ/TGFβR1 axis
Authors: Jiang Lou, Wei Yan, Qing-yu Li, A-kao Zhu, Bi-qin Tan, Rong Dong, Xiao-zhou Zou, Ting Liu
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.2, p.273–282, 2021
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Upregulation of microRNA-650 by PBX1 is correlated with the development of Helicobacter pylori-associated gastric carcinoma
Authors: Junzheng Liu, Lei Wang, Jie Li, Yu Xu
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.2, p.262–272, 2021
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Comparative molecular profiling of distant metastatic and non-distant metastatic lung adenocarcinoma.
Authors: Zhiming Chen, Gang Chen, Zhongqi Wang, Jianing Yu, Henghui Zhang, Beibei Mao, Haitao Ma
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.2, p.253–261, 2021
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Research progress review on long non-coding RNA in colorectal cancer
Authors: JieLing Zhang, Kai Li, HuiFen Zheng, YiPing Zhu
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.2, p.240–252, 2021
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Risk factors of pancreatic cancer and their possible uses in diagnostics
Authors: Jitka Lang, Lumír Kunovský, Zdeněk Kala, Jan Trna
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.2, p.227–239, 2021
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Partial prostate re-irradiation for the treatment of isolated local recurrence of prostate cancer in patients previously treated with primary external beam radiotherapy: short-term results of a monocentric study
Authors: Fabio Matrone, Alberto Revelant, Giuseppe Fanetti, Jerry Polesel, Paola Chiovati, Michele Avanzo, Filippo De Renzi, Carlotta Benedetta Colombo, Mauro Arcicasa, Antonino De Paoli, Giovanni Franchin, Roberto Bortolus
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.1, p.216–226, 2021
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Real-world safety and efficacy of nivolumab for ≥ 2nd line treatment of metastatic renal cell carcinoma: A retrospective cohort study in Croatia, Hungary, and Malta
Authors: Eduard Vrdoljak, Claude Magri, Marija Gamulin, Lidija Bošković, Tomislav Omrčen, Žarko Bajić, Tamas Dienes, Lajos Geczi
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.1, p.208–215, 2021
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Long-term clinical benefit of Peg-IFNα and NAs sequential anti-viral therapy on HBV related HCC
Authors: Wen-Qian Qi, Qian Zhang, Xu Wang, Yan Xu, Ping Zhao, Hong-Hua Guo, Chang-Yu Zhou, Yu Sun, Lin Liu, Jiang-Bin Wang
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.1, p.200–207, 2021
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Association study of miR-22 and miR-335 expression levels and G2 assay related inherent radiosensitivity in peripheral blood of ductal carcinoma breast cancer patients
Authors: Narjes Bakhtari, Hossein Mozdarani, Mahdieh Salimi, Ramesh Omranipour
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.1, p.190–199, 2021
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The impact of 18F-FDG PET/CT in the clinical management of patients with lymph node metastasis of unknown primary origin
Authors: Petya Nikolaeva Nikolova, Valeria Hristova Hadzhiyska, Kiril Blagoev Mladenov, Mihaela Georgieva Ilcheva, Stefani Veneva, Violeta Vasileva Grudeva, Svetla Emilova Dineva, Yavor Nikolov Asenov
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.1, p.180–189, 2021
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ASIC1 inhibition impairs the proliferation and migration of pancreatic stellate cells induced by pancreatic cancer cells
Authors: Lei Zhu, Jianmei Yin, Fuhong Zheng, Lianfeng Ji, Yingqing Yu, Haibo Liu
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.1, p.174–179, 2021
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Tumor suppressor miR-424-5p abrogates ferroptosis in ovarian cancer through targeting ACSL4
Authors: Lin-Lin Ma, Lin Liang, Dan Zhou, Shao-Wei Wang
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.1, p.165–173, 2021
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Differential profiling of prostate tumors versus benign prostatic tissues by using a 2DE-MALDI-TOF-based proteomic approach
Authors: Monika Kmeťová Sivoňová, Zuzana Tatarková, Jana Jurečeková, Ján Kliment, Márk Híveš, Lucia Lichardusová, Peter Kaplán
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.1, p.154–164, 2021
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Loss of tumor intrinsic PD-L1 confers resistance to drug-induced apoptosis in human colon cancer
Authors: Daofu Feng, Zuoyu Chen, Xianghui He, Shengbing Huang, Zhixiang Zhang
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.1, p.144–153, 2021
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Potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily D member 2 induces an aggressive phenotype in lung adenocarcinoma
Authors: Xiaobo Lu, Kainan Li, Jianjun Yang
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.1, p.135–143, 2021
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Combination of metformin and cold atmospheric plasma induces glioma cell death to associate with c-Fos
Authors: Fan Yang, Yuanshuai Zhou, Huidan Yu, Jiao Yang, Cheng Zhu, Nafees Ahmad, Xingjun Meng, Rongchuan Zhao, Jie Zhuang, Minxuan Sun
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.1, p.126–134, 2021
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CacyBP/SIP protein reduces p53 stability by enhancing Mdm2 activity in p53 mutant glioma cells
Authors: Fengyuan Qian, Tianjin Tang, Shiquan Wang, Bin Wang, Lei Wang, Hengliang Shi
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.1, p.119–125, 2021
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