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Neoplasma Vol.53, p.259-262, 2006

Title: Expression and prognostic significance of Cathepsin L in early cutaneous malignant melanoma.
Author: Stabuc B, Mrevlje Z, Markovic J, Stabuc-Silih M.

Abstract: Cathepsins are papain-like lysosome cysteine proteases involved in tumor growth, invasiveness and spread, angiogenesis and alteration in immune and inflammatory responses. We investigated the differences in cathepsin L (CatL) concentrations in primary cutaneous malignant melanoma stage I and normal skin and correlated these values with well-established malignant melanoma prognostic factors. The study was performed on 36 patients (17 men and 19 women; mean age 54 years; range 21-84 years) with histological confirmed primary malignant melanomas less than 1.5 mm thick. The CatL concentrations were measured in 36 pairs of triton extracts of cytosols prepared from the tumor and adjacent normal tissue samples (matched pairs). The CatL concentrations were determined by commercially available enzyme-liked immunosorbent (ELISA) assay from KRKA (Novo Mesto, Slovenia). Significantly higher concentrations of CatL were detected in malignant melanomas than in normal surrounding skin (6.73 vs. 1.42 ng/mg total protein (mgp), p<0.001). Significant correlations between malignant melanoma and normal skin concentrations for CatL were found. The malignant melanoma CatL concentrations correlated significantly with normal skin (r=0.38; p=0.021). CatL concentrations were significantly lower (p<0.01) in the malignant melanomas of Breslow thickness 0.75 mm, Clark invasion of >or=II and

Keywords: malignant melanoma, cathepsin L, prognosis, tumor marker
Year: 2006, Volume: 53, Issue: Page From: 259, Page To: 262

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