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Neoplasma Vol.60, No.4, p.384-394, 2013

Title: Alteration of the microRNA expression profile in human osteosarcoma cells transfected with APE1 siRNA
Author: N. Dai, Z. Y. Zhong, Y. P. Cun, Y. Qing, Ch. Chen, P. Jiang, M. X. Li, D. Wang,

Abstract: Apurinic/apyrimidinic endonuclease1 (APE1), which has the dual functions of DNA repair and redox regulation, is considered to be a promising potential target in cancer treatment. Microarray and qRT-PCR were used to confirm the change of miRNA followed by analysis with comprehensive bioinformatics-based analysis. Both microarray and qRT-PCR demonstrated that 13  microRNAs (miRNAs) were significantly changed (>2-fold) in APE1 knockdown HOS cells; seven of them (hsa-miR-451, hsa-miR-1290, hsa-miR-765, hsa-miR-483-5p, hsa-miR-513a-5p, hsa-miR-129-5p and hsa-miR-31) were up-regulated and the other six (hsa-miR-29b, hsa-miR-197, has-let-7b, hsa-miR-324-5p, hsa-let-7i and hsa-miR-484) were down-regulated. Furthermore, pathway analysis showed that these miRNAs and their target genes affected by the expression of APE1 were involved in pathways relating to developmental processes, regulation of cellular processes, cell signaling (such as TGF-β, Wnt, MAPK and the p53 signaling pathway) and cancers. There are putative binding sites of NF-κB, p53, HIF-1α, AP-1, PEBP2, ATF, NF-Y, Pax-2,CREB and c-Myb in the promoters of several down regulated miRNAs, indicating that APE1 may regulate miRNAs via transcription factors. Our data suggest that our understanding of the biological functions of APE1 will inevitably expand due to the novel pathways that APE1 uses to regulate gene expression through miRNAs.

Keywords: APE1, microRNA, bioinformatics, microarray, osteosarcoma
Published online: 12-Apr-2013
Year: 2013, Volume: 60, Issue: 4 Page From: 384, Page To: 394

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